Attached is the 2023 USMMA BREEDER DIRECTORY. The BREEDER DIRECTORY lists all known current breeders and some past breeders who may no longer be breeding actively. Breeders, both past and present, are a great resource, able to answer questions about the breed and the history. 

NEW this year is the 2023 USMMA BUSINESS DIRECTORY. This BUSINESS DIRECTORY lists our members in the horse businesses like training, lessons, boarding etc. 

Also, NEW this year are the ads. Anyone can create an ad of any size. I thought adding color and photos was helpful The ads are all placed at the end of each document so you can choose to print without ads as well. 

The USMMA will pay for printing a small number of the directories to be used as handouts for any USMMA National or Regional event.

We would like your feedback on the new business directory – do you think it is useful? And the ads – a good idea?

Although we have worked hard to make the directories correct and complete, I am sure there will be changes or items I have missed. Please let me know what to change and sent in any additions too. 

I will plan another revision in September if there are changes and additions. From then on, we will publish semi-annually. 

Best regards. Lynn Kelley. USMMA Treasurer

Please email or call for higher resolution files.