Secretary Election Results

Dear USMMA Members,

I am pleased to announce that as of Sept 2, 2023, Mary Rose Lombardi of Deer Lodge Montana is the new Secretary for the USMMA.  She and her family are proud partners with three Marchadors (one is an imported mare) and she is looking forward to serving our association.

During the campaign, I enjoyed visiting with both candidates and am pleased that we had such a great turnout of our members for our special election.  The involvement of our Membership is what makes our association strong and that was proven during this special election.  I am truly grateful.

Thank you to all our members who took the time to vote!  And a very special “Thank you” to Mary Rose Lombardi and Tammy Cruickshank for really going the extra mile for the USMMA.  I’m looking forward to working with Mary Rose as Secretary and with Tammy on committees!  


Tia Nelson, DVM

USMMA President.