Brazil Training Dates – Update

As you may remember, the USMMA and the ABCCMM are working together to create a training program and experience for the USMMA members to bring back and share with other MM owners, breeders and trainers here.

All of the details will continue to be worked on in the next months.  These are the details we know now.   We need to get firm commitments from the 6-8 participants that will go.   You need to respond to be on the list.   


Here are the dates and plans of the whole experience.

NOVEMBER 23 Fly from the US to Salvador, Bahia

November 24-25  CBM Championship for Marcha Picada 

November 26 Fly to Belo Horizonte

November 27 – December 1 Course Training at Centro de treinamento Fernando Melo, located in Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais, Brasil

December 3  Free day Sunday 

December 2, 4-6 Visit to Farms

December 7 Fly back to US

We are looking for trainers, professionals that work with training horses for clients and hopefully will be part of a national trainers roster with the ultimate goal of promoting the proper training and riding of a Mangalarga Marchador.

It is an intense trip, physically and mentally due to the hours dedicated to riding and the very difficult task  of working in another country.

We recognize that not everyone is interested in all parts of the trip and perhaps can modify it some –  to reduce the visits to the farms for example.   If you are signing up to go, we will be talking to you soon.  

More details:

The ABCCMM will pay for the transportation needed within Brazil and for the training course.

The participants need to pay for food and lodging in Brazil – we anticipate that to be $1000US.

The participants need to pay also for the airfare to get to Brazil and back.  Travel to Brazil may be $600-$1500US depending on location.    But that is just a guess.  Please look at the flights to determine your specific cost.   We suggested that perhaps everyone fly to Miami to meet and then fly together to Brazil and perhaps the same coming home.

In order to fly to Brazil you will need a current passport and visa.  These can be expedited for a fee, but otherwise can take weeks or months to process.    Start now!!!

Please confirm your interest again, now that you have more information on the plans.. 

Please respond with your level of interest and feedback on the dates and plans.   

We need from you to know the following:

  • Overall  how many years experience working with horses and with Mangalarga Marchadors specifically too
  • Description of horse experience during the most recent 2 years
  • Languages spoken – just for the inspector to know.  
  • Do you have a passport?
  • Do you have a visa?
  • Do you need a sponsor to help?  The USMMA will be asking for sponsors and will share your information to try to raise funds.   You can also raise funds from friends, family, gofundme etc.

We have to submit the list of applicants to the Course Director in Brasil and hope to have a final decision on the traveling group very soon.

Thank you for your interest and dedication to the Marchador breed.