August Election – Secretary

Please consider volunteering to fill the Secretary position that is currently vacant because of a resignation.

There will be a special election held in August using Survey Monkey.

The USMMA By Laws state, “ To be considered for any Officer or Board Position, the individual must be an active Full member or LIFE member for at least 120 days before the election, and be a USMMA registered Marchador owner at the time of the elections.” 

Being a board member is a great honor and a responsibility for the board represents the USMMA to the world. Individuals must have high ethical standards and be dedicated to working to uphold the mission of the USMMA.

The calendar is as follows:
August 6 – 18 Nominations Open for Secretary Members interested are asked to submit their name, and a one page bio/statement of qualification. (This one page should be a statement of your qualifications as required by USMMA rules and should address such things as: qualificationsyour previous USMMA activities, your plans for the USMMA; other job or horse-related experience that apply.)
August 20-21: Election held
August 23: New Secretary announced. 

Thank you all for your considering this important position on the USMMA Board of Directors.

Tia Nelson, USMMA President

USMMA Board of Directors Responsibilities

Secretary: The Secretary arranges notifications and logistics for board meetings, reads and takes minutes of the board meetings, and assists with voting for elections. The Secretary puts out the agenda for the board meetings based on the input of the President and board members. The Secretary serves as custodian of all USMMA official records. The Secretary keeps official records of the USMMA current and works with the web master to keep records up to date. (Such records may include minutes, the by-laws, operating rules, breed standards, membership roll names and addresses and e mails.) The Secretary may make the organizations records available to members in accordance with the Association rules. The Secretary should be responsible for publishing an annual calendar of events. The Secretary shall work closely and consult with the President on all documents. It is required that the secretary be proficient in use of computers.