Election Candidate Questions

The following questions were asked of each candidate. We will post their responses once we receive their answers.

  1. What are your main priorities as (for your elected position) President/ Vice President/ Secretary / Treasurer?
  1. As a candidate for being elected to the USMMA board, what do you think the purpose and goals of USMMA should be moving forward?
  1. What can you personally contribute to achieve these goals?
  1. How can the USMMA become more active and promote the Mangalarga Marchador in North America to a wider audience?
  1. Do you value our affiliation with the ABCCMM?  If yes, how would you like to strengthen this connection?
  1. How are you going to support members who have different viewpoints, interests, and levels of experience? 


1.  Where do you see the USMMA in 5 years?

2.  What goals do you have for our organization?