USMMA Show Kits Program

I am very excited to take on the Show and Events Awards position and get more involved in the association. I have some new ideas to get this program running efficiently and offer more to our members.  I would love to get your ideas and feedback as well.

About the Show and Event “Kits”
These kits are designed to help you set up a display or booth at a horse show, expo or any local or barn event to attract attention and draw people in. 

We have utilized the USMMA show kit in Arizona and in California and they have been helpful in getting information out about our amazing breed! 

The basic display kit would have some basic advertising info, banners, and MM merchandise that can be displayed on a table and given out at shows and events. We would like to offer a kit to each of our regions if they are interested. These kits would be given to each of the Regional Directors who are in charge of organizing events, and assisting those in their region who are hosting events. I would also ask that they keep track of inventory and keep me updated with what they have so that I can replenish the handout materials. I will send the initial inventory sheet of items in your kit.

The larger pop-up banners can be added to each regional kit as requested by the Regional Director for a specific show opportunity.

What I need from you: 
I need your helping filling these kits! We want to represent everyone equally at these shows. As we all know it has been a large group effort to get the Marchador breed more recognition and make it known by many. We still have a long way to go. I would like to ask that you send flyers, pamphlets, or business cards, that best showcase your barn, breeding program, training program and MM horses. I just ask that it be professional and that you can send a substantial amount. We currently have 6 regions so I would like to have enough to send out at least 100 or more per kit.

Please send your handout materials to the USMMA office whose address is at the bottom of this email on or before May 1st if possible.

How do I get a kit for my region:
Step 1. Reach out to your Regional Director to request a Show Kit. Your Director will ask about the event(s) you plan on having or hosting. 

Step 2: If your Regional Director does not already have a Show Kit they can reach out to me directly to receive one. If there is already one in your region then arrangements can be made for shipping or delivery. The USMMA will pay for shipping one-way. A refundable deposit of $50 paid to the USMMA will be required to receive a basic Show Kit for a show or event. This is to ensure that they are not lost or damaged. In the case, that a Show Kit is not returned the deposit can help to fund a new kit.

Step 3: Please return your Show Kit back to your Regional Director. You are responsible for the shipping cost on return. Any Show Kit that is not returned will not receive their deposit back. 
If, for any reason, you are having difficulty receiving a Show Kit or getting in contact with your Regional Director you can reach out to me personally. 

I am hoping these show kit displays will help represent our Marchador breed all over the country!
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out!

Best regards,D.j. Sims Klein
There may be some changes coming up in Regions and Directors with people and horses moving! But here is the current list of Directors:

Eastern Regional Director is Aline Greene, Saint Horse Marchadores, SC. She can be reached by phone or text at 803-673-2523 and email

Midwest Regional Director is Rick Schatz, Flying Oaks Ranch, OK. He can be reached by phone or text at 580-761-5927 and email

Southwest Regional Director is Carolina Bisselli Peterson. can be reached by phone or text at 503-970-3750 and email

Pacific Regional Director is Alessandra Deerinck, HH Sensing. She can be reached by phone or text at 760-715-1554 and email

Mountain Regional Director is Jean Allred, Monarch Marchadors. She can be reached by phone or text 484-883-1800 and email

Canada is Dana Johnsen, Rocke Ridge Ranch, BC. can be reached by phone or text at 250-809-0822 and email