I would like to invite you to the 2022 Annual Member Meeting (via Zoom) to be held Sunday March 20 at 2:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (4 p.m. ET, 3 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. PT).

At the meeting I will provide you with information about the happenings at USMMA – some exciting, and some that cover the day-to-day, nitty gritty of running an organization. 2021 started to open up with more events and we have hope that we will see that continue and expand even more in 2022. 

2021 in the rearview mirror
2022 and future plans
-USMMA Officer Elections

Questions and Answers

Several days prior to the meeting, I will email you with the logon information to join the Zoom meeting.

We look forward to the meeting and hearing from you, the members.

Best regards,
Jeff BosleyUSMMA President
If you have questions or ideas for us as we prepare for the meeting, please send them by replying to this email or by filling the form below.


2024 AZ Clinic with ALAN VILACA

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Payments are due on receipt via check, PayPal or Zelle.
Please be aware that Alan will choose the MMs suitable and safe for the clinic. Other participants may ride each MM for the purpose of learning.
There is an extra fee charged by the facility for stall rental.