MM Breed Awards

AERC – Endurance

ETS – Equine Trail Sports

USAWE – Working Equitation

We are in the process of setting up performance awards and recognition for Mangalarga Marchadors.

Most Awards are Designed to be Year-End Awards with awards given for high mileage, high points or whatever measure the organization uses to categorize the events.   The different organizations will report to us which horses placed the highest.   In order to be eligible, the horse must be a USMMA registered Marchador and the owner must be a USMMA member.

For the year-end awards, there will be a ribbon awarded along with some M Brand logo’d prize chosen by the USMMA Board each year.

Along those lines, we have designed a ribbon that can be awarded at shows or at the year end.   It is the bigger middle ribbon in the photo.   Colors are the Brazilian flag colors and the words say USMMA BEST OF BREED.     It’s impressive!  

If anyone wants to add another sport organization to our list, we would be happy to add more!