2020 Membership Drive

It’s time for our annual membership drive! We’d like for you to join us in 2020!   Your renewal is critical because it sustains our organization to govern, register, protect and promote the Mangalarga Marchador breed in North America.

Lynn Kelley and Tresa Smith are the membership coordinators. We are running our drive a little differently this year so you can renew now or at any time before your renewal month. 

In addition, this year, we are asking 2 new questions:

  1. Do you wish for your contact information to be shared with the membership in our MEMBER DIRECTORY?
  2. What is your preferred method of contact? EMAIL or TEXT

The easiest way to join is to go to this webpage  https://namarchador.org/membership/member/ and fill out the on-line form to renew, or print the pdf file and mail the form and your check to us.  

The USMMA is the official Mangalarga Marchador organization recognized by the Brazilian MM Association, the ABCCMM. In 2019, we were approved to be an ABCCMM nucleo, able to hold official ABCCMM events developed for the MM breed. We developed a new Mangalarga Marchador breed video that will be posted on youtube.com soon. 

Here are some of the plans for 2020! We start off in January with a Marchador horse show in Scottsdale, AZ with trail rides and a sports competition.   We publish the MM community news in the USMMA Quarterly Journal and on the website.. In August, we sponsor a Marchador Cavalgada in Montana. We’d also like to have more events regionally, but that all depends on local participation and interest.  We are searching for one or two major equine events to exhibit our breed – similar to the Equine Affaire that was so successful for us in November 2019.  We are looking for and adding some member benefits in discount programs. The first to come is Riding Warehouse where USMMA members will receive a 15% discount when using our coupon code.  More information will follow in January about this new benefit. 

Throughout the year, we support members with registrations, transfers and our show subsidy and “meet the Marchador” cash awards. We continue to look for press opportunities and ways to get the word out about the breed. Horse Illustrated features the breed in their January issue, as an example. We are exploring relationships with other breed associations too as a way to get more opportunities to showcase our horses. And we hope to set up a USMMA Mangalarga Marchador store with logo’d items that help publicize the breed every day with what you wear or what you drive. 
Please help us make this the best year ever! Send us your thoughts and ideas. Send in your photos or stories for the Journal. AND JOIN US!

Best regards,Jeff Bosley, USMMA President