2019 Membership Drive Underway!

It’s time for our membership renewal drive!   Please consider joining or renewing your membership in the USMMA again in 2019!  

You are a member of a small, elite, passionate group that own, breed or just love Marchador horses.  Our mission is to promote and protect the Mangalarga Marchador breed here in North America.    The USMMA is the official Mangalarga Marchador organization recognized by the Brazilian Association, the ABCCMM. 

We started the year with 94 members and ended with 123, our highest membership to date.   We have $10,000 in our bank account.  In 2018, we spent money on the following items:

Registration (incl UCDAVIS fees) 29% Website  23% Events 20% Show Subsidies 13% Advertising     9% Office, Postage, fees  6%

One of our events was the MANE EVENT in March 2018.   Over 30 members came to the event (from 7 states and 3 countries) and 7 Marchador horses represented our association and breed there.   Horse Illustrated ran an article on the breed and the USMMA and other breeders advertised in that issue.   We coordinated and planned an ABCCMM inspection trip for our members that want dual registration.   In addition, we published our own USMMA Marchador Quarterly Journal with the help of editor Tresa Smith and publisher Lynn Kelley.   We gave out $500 in show subsidy awards administered by Laurie Klassen.   Randy Conilogue, our Registrar, has served the association well with quality work and attention to detail.  Randy also gave his time creating Marchador promotional videos that are now uploaded to YOUTUBE.   The USMMA board is an all-volunteer board working on your behalf.  (Jeff Bosley, President, Cathy Pierce, Vice President, Tia Nelson, Secretary, Lynn Kelley, Treasurer, Jake Martinez, Rick Schatz and Aline Greene)

In 2019, we are planning for more events including the Equine Affaire in Springfield MA and a Marchador riding weekend in Montana.   We hope we will be able to reach more people and see more members with our planned functions!  Tell us what you would like to see happening in 2019.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!   Your dues make it possible.   JOIN TODAY by visiting this website page.

Best regards, Jeff Bosley,  USMMA President www.namarchador.org   paboz24@gmail.com