Regional Event December 10

Thank you to Silver Stables, Phoenix, AZ for hosting the first USMMA regional event!   More of these are planned around the country in 2017.

USMMA President Jeff Bosley welcomed the members and Silver Stables students.   Members came from AB, AZ, NM and TX to attend a Ned Leigh Symposium “The Discovery Channel to Your Horse”.   Key things to remember:

  1. Find-feel response
  2. Muscle movement demonstrates intent
  3. Pressure causes resistance
  4. Contact causes awareness
  5. A goal should never come before the process to achieve the goal
  6. Worry about doing the wrong thing IS the wrong thing.
  7. The slower you ask a command, the lighter the response becomes.
  8. Be interested enough to teach your horse and it will be interested enough to learn.
  9. Every command has a purpose.  Know why before asking!
  10. Leadership is the foundation of relationship.

Photos from the day!

(p.s.  The demo mare is not a Marchador.   We had a few for Ned to use, but he wanted the “greenest” one on the ranch.  This mare had just come in for training, so he used her to show how horses would learn)