Member Update – Articles about the Marchador and more

From Alessandra Deerinck, Human to Horse, USMMA member:

Along with my warmest wishes for the Holidays, I would like to add to the list of accomplishments of the USMMA a few more instances in which I have brought the Mangalarga Marchador breed to the public’s attention  through my business, Human to Horse. 

The Marchador horses I worked with, mainly from Rancho de Los Cielos, have taken part in endurance competition and will participate to dressage shows in the future. They also have been featured in articles that I wrote and had published in the US on Elite Equestrian , HorsemanNews (Dec 2014 issue)  and in Europe on Il Mio Cavallo. I have been doing this since 2012 and wanted to make the articles available to anyone that is interested. I can provide an english translation for the ones in Italian.  In 2012 one of my articles was republished in Brazil, translated in Portuguese, on the ABCCMM official magazine.

In February 2015,  I will present the Mangalarga Marchador horses that I have been training in the 2nd edition of The Day of the Horse, in Valley Center CA.

H2H is interested in working with any other breeder that would like to have their horses trained by H2H. We are located in San Marcos, California

Here are some of the articles from 2014 from Italy, where I worked MM horses. I can provide translations for any article I write in Italian.

IMC 1:2014 Ispezione di razza

IMC 11:2013 Fieno asciutto o in brodo ridotto

I do not have the pdfs of the ones on Elite Equestrian, but you can check out the magazine online (, in the past year I had one article in every issue and most of them have MM in the illustrations.

Follow this link to see the latest issue: