2011 Complete Horse Competition

by Lynn Kelley, SW Future Foal @ Summerwind Marchadors

Caboclo da Pidade and Lynn Kelley holding the Lucas Guerra Complete Horse Award

I was puzzled when a package arrived at my front door that was not expected.  Inside was a wonderful surprize – the first Lucas Guerra plaque awarded to the winner of the USMMA’s complete horse competition!   I had won with my Marchador, Caboclo da Piedade.

If you’re hearing about this contest for the first time, there is more news on our website about it.  Find it all at  https://namarchador.org/shows-and-events/complete-horse-test/.  There are instructions, rules, a setup guide and a video that shows the obstacles in the competition.

2011 was the first year for us to adopt this Brasilian tradition sometimes also called “PROVAS FUNCIONAL, functional test).  The USMMA runs it as a VIDEO submittal competition.  You film yourself and your horse running the course and a panel of 3 judges evaluates the video for penalties and time.

YOUTUBE VIDEO of the Complete Horse Test  http://youtu.be/asM856jn60g

I found the gate to be the hardest obstacle for me. John built our gate and a friend made our poles!

The Complete Horse Competition is designed for easy set-up in your own back yard.  That’s what me and Caboclo did.

This is an on-going competition so be sure to try it out with your Marchadors in 2012!   Connie Claire is planning to add a Complete Horse course and test to the 2012 MM clinic in FL so we know there will be more entries in 2012!  Any Marchador with any rider is eligible to enter and you can enter as often as you want as you improve!

Have fun!