MMembers Action Spotlight!

ŸReported to Aline Greene for the newsletter.

Great job to all members for getting out there with their Marchadors!   Who else wants to report in?

Mark Waugh and Lorrie Beevers & Echo do Lucero, B & W Ranch, TN

  1. Spirit Mountain Horse Show at the Sport Horse Center in Clinton, TN; 4/9/11 Echo do Lucero, second place in open gaited event,ridden by Lorrie Beevers
  2. Blue Point Stables Open Show, in Kingston, TN, 4/16/11  Echo do Lucero, Open Flat -Shod Pleasure-second place, ridden by Lorrie Beevers;   Favorite Gait-third place, ridden by Lorrie Beevers;  Country Pleasure-second place, ridden by Mark Waugh.
  3. Quarter Turn Ranch, Obstacle /Trail Clinic, EXCA event sponsor, 5/7/11   Echo do Lucero, First Place, ridden by Mark Waugh

Laurie Klassen & Beethoven do Summerwind,  Saskatchewan, Canada

Laurie and Beethoven at the All Breed Show

  1. Iberian Breed Demo.  June 11
  2. Dressage/jumping camp. June 27- July 1
  3. Kids and horses day.  July 13
  4. Competitive Trail Challenge.   June 25 and July 23
  5. Gaited clinic  Aug 12-14
  6. Heritage Day Parade!  Aug 20
  7. All Breed Gaited Show Sept 2-4
    Plus miles of endurance training, plans for cattle in the future.




Aline and Peyton Greene, Saint Horse, Lexington, SC with Erva-Doce de Tesouro, Esthique do Premier & Terra do Saint Horse

  1. Kids fun show in April in Lexington , SC, 1st and 4thplace with Erva-Doce do Tesouro ridden by Brisa Greene, child and lead by Aline Greene

    Erva-Doce de Tesouro and Brisa, Aline's daughter

  2. Event for Life for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital in Leesville, SC gait demo with Erva -Doce with the Puerto Rican Pasos, also Estique do Premier and Terra do Saint Horse ( colt’s first event) attended;
  3. Ward Ride in November 12 in Ward city , SC, an organized ride event where about 1.800 riders attend
  4. Boiling Springs Community Christmas Parade

Plus miles of endurance training , got to the timing of 24 miles in less than 5 hrs, with Erva -Doce and Aline, trying again in 2012!

Ÿ  Bill and Sandy Kambic, Haras Lucero, Kingston, TN with Apple Pie de Miami (Andante) & Aliane Fazenda Zouga (Amora)

Sandy on Amora (Aliane Fazenda Zouga) & Bill on Andante (Apple Pie de Miami)

Sandy and I participated in the 2011 National Cavalry Competition and Bivouac in September. It was held at historic Fort Reno, just west of Oklahoma City, OK. Until its closure as an active Army post, it was one of three Remount Centers that provided many thousands of horses and mules to the Cavalry, Artillery, and Quartermaster branches. During WWII it was also a large Prisoner of War camp.

We enjoyed some success at this year’s Competition. Sandy placed 2nd of 18 in Level 3 (Novice) Military Horsemanship.  Bill  placed 3rd of 16 in Level 2 Military Horsemanship (Intermediate).  We also participated in other events, including Mounted Pistol and Mounted Saber, with less success but lots of fun. On Saturday we held a formal parade and ceremony. We mustered 70+ mounted soldiers and also had two artillery pieces from Ft. Sill, OK (about 120 south of Ft. Reno). We were very pleased that Andante and Amora stood quietly even for the firing of the 75mm gun!

Next year’s event will be at Ft. Riley, KS (about 100 miles west of Kansas City, MO).

Kristy Everson with Amadeus do Summerwind, Phoenix, AZ

  1. MM breed demo, Festival of the Spanish Horse, Estrella Mountain Park.
  2. ACTHA rides (2)
  3. Mounted Shooting Clinic