MMember Article – Lusonatica News

By Ellen Farmer, Lusonatica

Helder Martino with Boneca da Lusonatica

Mr Helder Martino, ABCCMM instructor, spent 9 days training me  and my horses in the proper frame and gait. What a difference it made in beauty and smoothness, and all that without brutallity!!!  With many years of training in Brasil, he is an official trainer approved by the ABCCMM.

Dondoca da Lusonatica, Ellen's love

Mr Martino is now also the newest member of the USMMA, and will stay in the USA  till september 2012. So anyone needing help can find him at e-mail: , or his phone number 979-739-0806, or helder martino in facebook.

As if this wasn’t exciting  enough, Mr Pat Parelli dropped by to check out the Mangalarga Marchador and rode  Dondoca da Lusonatica, and also got  to meet Mr Martino.

Next week I go visit Lynn Kelley in AZ and show her what I have learned.  All the MM owners in AZ are invited to come by.

Happy Holidays to all MM’s and their lucky owners!

Ellen with 2 of her horses in the round pen