Registration Update

The USMMA strives to track each and every Mangalarga Marchador imported or born in the U.S. By the end of the summer 2006, over 70 percent of all known Marchadors here will have their DNA on record with our genetics lab at UC-Davis.

This is a milestone that dramatically increases our ability to verify parentage of US born foals.

The ABCCMM (Brazilian association) accepts the USMMA DNA record for US owners who wish to maintain dual registry for their horses.

Submitting DNA is easy. You will receive a hair sample kit and instructions that will be mailed to you by our registrar.  After collecting the hair and returning the form to UC Davis, UC Davis will perform the test required to verify parentage.   In just days after their receipt of the hair sample, UC Davis returns your horse’s unique DNA marker. Submitting the DNA through our association provides a lower cost for this DNA service for our members than the charge for an individual not affliated with an association.

For more information, please contact our registrar, Pat Snyder.