My first Marchador filly is born!

By Ronald Knaack

The morning of April 15th, 2016, I received the call and started driving!

12998585_10206762402598709_3458808691591585426_nMy first Marchador foal was waiting for me.   I had leased a Marchador mare, Whispering Pines Lareina, from Connie DeCamp of Westcliffe, CO and bred her using imported frozen semen to Talisma Kafe.    I am a lover of pinto coloring, so of course, my hope was for a pinto baby.   But, first and foremost was that the foal be born healthy.

My wish for healthy was granted and my wish for color was granted, but a palomino filly and not a pinto.  Cute, friendly and confident, we nicknamed her Buttercup.

This is Talisma Kafe’s first filly born in North America and I am a happy man and a new Marchador breeder.   I own 2 other Marchador mares and am looking forward to seeing more foals in 2017!   I am living the dream.

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Here are more photos of Buttercup and Lareina – first time out in the snow!


Buttercup, palomino Marchador filly in Colorado. Owned by Ronald Knaack.


Dam Whispering Pines Lareina (Ritmo A.J. x Epopeia do Vale da Prata) and daughter nicknamed Buttercup (x Talisma Kafe)