Marchadors in the News!

The Marchador will be featured in several equine publications this fall. Pick up your copy or go online–Equine Journal, Going Gaited and Horse Gazette. During the summer months, the breed or one of our members appeared in the ABCCMM’s magazine, Mangalarga Marchador, Today’s Horse Trader and Equus. Attached as a pdf file is the collaborative…


With your 2010 or Lifetime membership, you will receive a free DVD, filmed during our 2008 USMMA clinic held in Montana. The DVD provides insight into the ABCCMM inspection process and the MM breed standards judged. Extra copies of the DVD are available for purchase too.  Contact the USMMA office.

2nd ABCCMM Inspection Visit Planned

Dr. Getulio Tadeau Vieira returns to the US in May to inspect U.S. born Marchador horses.  USMMA members who are also members of the ABCCMM wanted to have their horses maintain Brazilian registry as well.  The Brazilian association has strict guidelines and it inspects all horses for conformation, gait and temperment at age three before…

Brazil Trip Notes

Exotic Brazil! Four of our members (John Kelley, Lynn Kelley, Jay Bryan, Susan Bryan) traveled to Brazil in October. Their trip is documented in the USMMA newsletter and in this writeup which was also distributed in the newsletter.  Equitrekking is now a PBS travel documentary series shown around the world. Exotic Brazil!

First All-Marchador Class in Scottsdale

December 2005 marked the first Marchador-only classes at a local all-breed and gaited horse show.   Held in Scottsdale Arizona with horses from Summerwind Marchadors and Great Lakes Marchadors participating.   Three classes were held with at least four Marchadors in each class.  None of the horses had shown before and all looked spectacular and…