Meet, Greet Marchador! Schedule a Visit!

There are 2 ways to connect with the Meet, Greet, Marchador ambassadors.

Click HERE to complete a request to visit.   We will contact the farm nearest you for you.

Or you may look for a participating USMMA member near you or where you may be going and schedule on your own.  Here is the list of states and farms that are currently in the program.  Click on the name to read more about them and print out their information.


  1. AZ – Future Foal @ Summerwind Marchadors (October – May)
  2. CA – Alessandra Deerinck, Human 2 Horse Training
  3. CA – Proven Spots Ranch
  4. CA – Rancho de los Cielos
  5. CO – Future Foal @ Summerwind Marchadors (May – October)
  6. MN – Deb Johnson
  7. OK – Flying Oaks Ranch
  8. OR – Susan Neumann, Cascade Intl Mounted Archery
  9. SC – Saint Horse Marchadores
  10. TX – Cathy Pierce
  11. VA – Sue Current


  1. AB – Sandy Dory
  2. BC – Rocke Ridge
  3. SK – Future Foal @ Casa Rio


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