Danna Jeanine (aka D.j.) Sims Klein has volunteered, and USMMA President Jeff Bosley has accepted her help. D.j will be replacing Jeff as the USMMA Show Subsidy Manager. We will be updating the website with the new programs being planned for 2022 shortly. And she will oversee the expansion of the USMMA show kit to include displays and materials for every region, rolled out over time.

To apply for a show subsidy award under the old program, visit this website page.

D.j. is an experienced horse trainer and instructor with more than 14 years of personal experience riding horses of all breeds, but primarily specializing in 2 breeds:  Warmbloods and Brazilian Mangalarga Marchadors.  In 2016 and 2017, D.j. traveled to Brazil to ride and learn more about the Mangalarga Marchador. Equine Studies degree, horse clinics and internships have rounded out every aspect of horse training and care.   Her skills and creativity show best when she is training young riders.

D.j. has shown extensively in jumping and working equitation and has run several shows and clinics. In 2014, she was the second  place rider in Arizona’s Hunter/Jumper Association. . And in 2020, she was the high point Mangalarga Marchador winner in Working Equitation Level 2.

Please welcome D.j. in her new role. 623-414-1774 or