The USMMA could use more volunteers to help or manage in the following areas:

  • Affiliate Associations and Breed Awards
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Newsletter Contributor
  • Membership
  • Member Benefits and Sponsors
  • Website

Here is a snapshot of what might be involved in each area.

Affiliate Associations and Breed Awards – Search for new associations that might benefit or collaborate with the USMMA for common goals. Be the liaison to answer questions or attend affiliate member meetings. Set up new year-end award programs if possible. Present the request for funding or collaboration to the USMMA Board for approval. All funding subject to the USMMA budget for the current year. Currently done now by Lynn Kelley temporarily. Check with Lynn if you have more questions.

Marketing/Advertising – This could be two separate areas with 2 individuals interested or one person trying to dabble in both. Search for opportunities to advertise or promote the Mangalarga Marchador breed in social media groups, magazines, on-line, television, etc. Create or find logo’d M brand items to get more people wearing or displaying the international symbol of the Mangalarga Marchador. Present the request for funding or opportunity found to the USMMA Board for approval. All funding subject to the USMMA budget for the current year.

Newsletter Editor – Create the newsletter for distribution to member groups for USMMA News and Member News. Currently using constant contact for distribution, but other formats can be suggested. Create a list of suggested topics and encourage members and breeders to contribute to that issue. For example: Stallion Issue, Foal issue, Spotlights on new members etc. All newsletters must be approved before distribution or publication on-line. Currently done by Tresa Smith/Lynn Kelley.

Newsletter Contributor – Volunteer to write a regular column for the Newsletter. For example, report on a certain sport, the events coming up or members’ results. Or share your MM photos if you are a photographer!

Membership – Working with the USMMA Treasurer, implement the process to contact all members at renewal time. This usually involves follow-up work on the phone after the initial membership effort is completed. Also try new methods or ideas to reach those Marchador owners who have not joined to encourage them to join our association.

Member Benefits and Sponsors – Seek out opportunities to get more member benefits – like discounts for our members. Or contact organizations and companies that may be interested in contributing to the USMMA in exchange for something we can do for them – like including them on the website or hanging a banner they provide at every USMMA event.

Website – Volunteer to take on the website administration or to be a tester/proofreader for new items. We could use a website savvy person to take on updating and testing our websites. Currently, we have 2 websites – one using WordPress and a new one in development using Shopify. We would like the look and feel to be current and for the site to be easy to use on all devices. Currently being handled by Lynn Kelley/Randy Conilogue for WordPress and Dana Johnsen for Shopify. All current people have indicated they need more help. Please contact them if you want more information about what might be involved and the time commitment.

Please send an email to if you are interested in the above jobs! OR send us an email if you are interested in helping in ANY capacity. We will work together to make it happen. Thank you!