2021 Membership Underway!

It’s time for our annual membership drive! We’d like for you to join us in 2021!   Your renewal is critical because it sustains our organization to govern, register, protect and promote the Mangalarga Marchador breed in North America.

Lynn Kelley, USMMA Treasurer, is the membership coordinator with help from your local Regional Director at times.

The easiest way to join is to go to this webpage:  https://namarchador.org/membership/member/ and fill out the on-line form to renew, or print the pdf file and mail the form and your check to us.  

The USMMA is the official Mangalarga Marchador organization recognized by the Brazilian MM Association, the ABCCMM. 
Please join us at the annual meeting on February 28th via ZOOM to meet your officers and directors and hear a recap of 2020 and our plans for 2021! (We will send and post the slide presentation for everyone even if you can’t attend.)

We are energized to make 2021 our best year ever!

Join us today!

Best regards,Jeff Bosley, USMMA President