USMMA Winter Journal 2020

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We always ask for your photos, but with this issue, we are pleased to feature the member photos that we received during the 2020 PHOTO CONTEST.

We would also like to see MEET THE MEMBER COLUMN to become a regular feature, so if you want to write your story OR to have Tresa interview you and draft your story, let us know.
Please submit your MM photos!Please submit stories about your MMs!Please send us questions for ASK TIA! our resident vet, Dr. Tia Nelson!
We hope to publish quarterly, January, April, July and October. One of the things we hope to do with this publication is to feature the diversification of how the Marchador is used with real life examples. 

To send in submissions, email the Journal Editor – Tresa,
Happy Trails, Tresa V Smith, PhD editor, and Lynn Kelley, publisher.