Virtual Dressage Competition for Gaited Horses!

Two October Virtual Competition Dressage Tests – by Teresa Bippen, FOSH

FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) has partnered with NAWD (North American Western Dressage) to bring you a special offer  and opportunity.   (You must become a member of FOSH) 

  • Use one test to “get ready” by submitting a virtual dressage test ANYTIME or during any NAWD virtual show that offers dressage
  • Use the other test to show in our Gaits Wide Open National Virtual Dressage Show for Gaited Horses Oct 1-31, 2019.
  • You may also ride two different tests in the FOSH Virtual Show during October 1-31 and submit both tests to receive two scores
  • FOSH pays the office fee as part of the coupon!
  • Sign up at
  • Choose your own test – IJA, NAWD, WDAA, or NWHA.  Both IJA and NAWD tests are available to be ridden western or “traditionally.”

FOSH is sponsoring a coupon to the first 50 registrants to receive feedback on their dressage work with their gaited horse through a virtual dressage test.  Use coupon code GWO2019 to take advantage of two free dressage tests for your gaited horse sponsored by FOSH.  Your rides will be judged by a licensed FOSH IJA judge who is also licensed as a dressage judge. 

FOSH is happy to offer a longer 30 day window for the 2019 tests as weather changes can be so dramatic across the U.S. and impact your riding conditions, plus there is more opportunity to ride two different tests.

For more information about the GAITS WIDE OPEN NATIONAL VIRTUAL DRESSAGE SHOW visit this page:


  1. Host a “Virtual Dressage Test Play Day” –   Set up a dressage arena and have a “play day” to record each others’ tests!  Hints for successfully recording a dressage test are available on the NAWD website. 
  2. Your dressage arena doesn’t need to be fancy but assure your dimensions are correct!
  3. Video tape from C. Make sure you don’t obscure the judges’ review of the entire horse (remember to be far enough back at C that when the horse comes by C, the judge is able to visualize the entire horse.    Remember to keep the camera in focus!!! 

Dressage is for EVERY horse – including gaited horses.  Yes, we have heard all of the arguments about how gaited horses can’t bend and that they need to keep their heads high to gait.  We’ve heard from mainstream dressage judges who feel gaited horses can’t possibly manage dressage because “the gait is not pure”.  Our judges believe that gaited horses absolutely CAN bend and that their gaits ARE pure, although an alternative to trot.  

FOSH and the USMMA would love to see some Marchadors enter this competition!