USMMA Member Directory Survey

The USMMA already produces a BREEDER’S LIST to give out at events and to anyone contacting us via the website.   Attached is last year’s breeder’s list.   We are currently updating this for 2019.   If you have recently become a Mangalarga Marchador breeder, please let us know if you want to be on this list.  

This year, we would also like to produce a printed MEMBER DIRECTORY.   Our intent is share the information to promote the opportunities for local people to meet and share information about their horses.    However, we also want to protect your privacy and recognize that these days giving out personal information is risky.    The MEMBER DIRECTORY will only be shared with other USMMA members who request it along with our request that it not be shared or used for solicitation purposes.  We would include:


Please let us know if you would like a member directory and if you would like your information to be included.   PLEASE RESPOND BY MARCH 15, 2019.

1.   I would like to see a 2019 Member Directory
YES __________       
NO ___________
2.   I would like to have my information included in the 2019 Member Directory
YES __________     
 NO ___________
Please do not share all or one of the following on my record:
STREET ADDRESS ____________
PHONE _____________
EMAIL _________________
OTHER _______________

We will share the results of the survey after all the responses are in.
Best regards, Jeff Bosley USMMA

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