Marchador Featured in La Jolla Festival December 6

The National Horse of Brazil a Southern America treasure will be featured at La Jolla Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival 2015.

By HH Sensing – Alessandra Deerinck
October 24th 2015

San Diego County, California Brazilian Saddle Horse aka Mangalarga Marchador to be presented in an educational show at the Holiday Festival, after parading with the AERC Riders Group in the 2015 La Jolla Christmas Parade, on Sunday December 6th 2015 in La Jolla. California

Brazil has been working on creating the “perfect horse” since Napoleon invaded Portugal. Rare in the USA, with 220 horses, the Mangalarga Marchador is one of the largest breeds worldwide, with about 387000 horses in Brazil. It is unlikely that US numbers will grow rapidly. Importing horses from Brazil is a very difficult and costly process because of some diseases endemic for Brazil.

Picture a horse as graceful as an Andalusian and as lively as an Arabian, almost hovering above the ground, looking like a real Pegasus. This is one of Brazil’s prides.

Mangalarga Marchador horses, represent the culmination of centuries of Brazilian breeding strategy to produce the ideal horse by genetics. Their main targets were a special gait and mind, present since birth and not developed by harsh training and crippling techniques, like we see in some other gaited horse breeds, they are the perfect gifts for any rider. The Brazilian Saddle Horse has great versatility, spanning from being a working horse to hunting, doing dressage, jumping, endurance, mounted archery and more.

The 58th Annual La Jolla Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival event will be held December 6th from 1:30pm- 5:00pm ( ). The Festival includes a number of educational activities and will feature an educational presentation where the public will meet and greet a Mangalarga Marchador, Allegria de Los Cielos, first generation born American Marchador mare, bred by Rancho de Los Cielos in Riverside. This horse has been in training with HH Sensing ( ) for the past ten month. In that time she participated in rail shows, trail competitions, cowboy dressage, endurance races and cowboy challenges, and will be in the Rose Tournament Parade 2016, proving one more time that Brazil is on the right track while the American breeders are keeping up the very high standard.

After hearing the talk and watching the demonstration anyone interested is invited to come deepen the meet and greet visiting us at HH Sensing and Rancho de Los Cielos (

Worldwide, the breed has encountered the favor of anyone that has approached it. More info can be found in the breed associations websites:ABCCMM ((Associação Brasileira dos Criadores
 do Cavalo Mangalarga Marchador) USMMA (United States Mangalarga Marchadores Association) EAMM (European Association of Mangalarga Marchadores) AIAMM (Associazione Italiana Allevatori di Mangalarga Marchadores)

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