National Cavalry Competition

Bill Kambic writes in about an event that he participates in every year with a Marchador entry.   Our apologies that this didn’t make the newsletter too!

Please go and cheer them on and enjoy the show!

Event Name: National Cavalry Competition

Location: Historic Fort Reno, El Reno, OK

Dates: 23-27 SEP 2015


The National Cavalry Competition commemorates the long and distinguished history of the U.S. Cavalry from the Dragoons of the Revolutionary War to the mounted Special Forces soldiers serving even today in Afghanistan and elsewhere. There are four major events. Military Horsemanship demonstrates the basic riding skills of the mounted soldier.  Military Field Jumping allows the mounted soldier to demonstrate theirjumping abilities. Unique to this competition are two weapons classes. The Mounted Saber class has the soldier “riding the heads” using the blade. The Mounted Pistol class has the soldier demonstrating marksmanship using the .45 caliber revolver and blank ammunition. There are several events
demonstrating other aspects of military horsemanship. Competition is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Of course all work and no play makes for dull troopers. So there are also a number of good parties and social events!

For further information go to the U.S. Cavalry Association website

Bill riding Apple Pie de Miami (Andante) in Military Equitation

Bill riding Apple Pie de Miami (Andante) in Military Equitation