We have a winner! Judge Tom Sliter writes:

I’ve made my selection for the contest.  I must say it was much harder (and took much longer) than I thought.  I went back and forth on several finalists.  There were some great photographs.  Some were very artistic; some showed the horse very well, others just looked fun.  

In the end, I selected Gaia & Nola do Summerwind submitted by Adrienne C. Scheck.

Here is the winning photo! Photo credit to Jennifer Jeung. Gaia is owned by Adrienne C. Scheck in Arizona, and Nola is now owned by Nel Syed and Mark Curtis in England.

Gaia do Summerwind/ foal Nola do Summerwind. Adrienne C. Scheck, Nel Syed & Mark Curtis. Photo credit Jennifer Jeung