March Madness! Register your MM with us!

Don’t wait !!!!!

The USMMA Registry is offering a limited time cost reduction of 33% on all horse registrations, both foal and previously unregistered Mangalarga Marchadors. For a limited time you can request and pay for the registration of your horses born prior to the end of 2024. The period of this offer runs from March 31st, 2024 to April 30th, 2024 and must be paid during this period. Even if your horse is not born yet, but you are anticipating its birth this year, you can apply. This discounted registration price will be the same for members and nonmembers alike.

Marchador March Madness Campaign Details

  • The campaign runs March 31st to April 30, 2024!
  • New horse / foal registrations reduced 33% to $50!
  • Discount applies to both members and non-members!
  • Rate for horses who have DNA with the ABCCMM is even less, discounted to $30!
  • For breeders and owners who have a foal to be born in 2024, the new rate applies, BUT the Application to Register and payment must be done during the campaign!
  • In the online registration form, enter
    • Your First Name and Last Name
    • Your Email
    • Horse’s Name placeholder (e.g. Foal#1 plus your breeding suffix or prefix). for example if your breeding farm suffix is de los Cielos then enter the horse’s name as Foal1 de los Cielos or something similar.
    • Approximate Date of Birth
    • Sire’s Name and Dam’s Name
  • Breeders and owners who have already started registration(s) in 2024 will be given the discount if they have paid already or pay during April. 
  • Final Registration details and DNA sample submittal should be completed before year end.

Questions: Email

“I am trying my darnedest to get all Mangalarga Marchadors in North America registered. So take this opportunity to get your horses registered if you haven’t yet!” 

Randy Conilogue

USMMA Registrar