Registration Transfer

Transfer of Registration – Sale of Horse

To transfer a USMMA Registered Mangalarga Marchador to a new owner, please complete the transfer form by clicking on the link below.   Either the buyer or seller can pay the required fee to complete the transfer.

Registration Transfer Form,

Please scan or take photos of the front and back of the USMMA registration document for the sale horse.   If the original registration document is lost, please communicate that to the USMMA Registrar via email or regular mail.

For the required fee schedule, please click here.

Amadeus do Summerwind

Unless instructed otherwise by the seller, the new owner information is available to be used by the USMMA, so please indicate if they do not want to be contacted.  The USMMA Registrar may attempt to contact the new owner if they have not requested transfer of registration within six months to ensure the new owner understands what needs to be done.


Duplicate Registration

Send an email or regular mail to the Registry office if you need a duplicate registration document to be issued.  There is a fee for issuing a duplicate registration document.

Changes to information

  • Color change
  • Castration – date of operation
  • Death – date of death, cause if you want to share.
  • ABCCMM Permanent Registration Number after Inspection

Joao Giberto de Lazy T, color changing with age

These changes do not require a fee unless you are requesting a new registration document with the updated information.   The USMMA horse database will be updated and any new registration document will reflect the new information.  There is no fee for updating information.

New Pictures and Additional Information

We encourage updating the horse photos as it ages or changes to show off our beautiful Marchador horses.   The following information can be emailed to the Registrar for updating our horse database to give your horse more personality!

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shows or Events
  • More Photos (up to 10)
  • Description – Free Form, anything you want to say!

La Paz Jivago and Rox Rogers at the Big Sky Reining Classic

There is no fee for updating or adding information.

The USMMA REGISTRAR is Randy Conilogue